duminică, 27 noiembrie 2011

25 November-1 December

A Dangerous Method(2011)-6/10->Cronenberg builds up a good atmosphere with the interesting imagery and the use of Shore's score and the performances from Mortensen,Fassbender and Cassel(his 10 minutes being,probably the best of the film) are great,but Knightley forces an annoying accent (and some "hard to watch" moments),it turns out to be too melodramatic and this is unusually restrained (in terms of shock) for a Cronenberg film.

Cairo Station(1958)-9/10->Even though their stories are quite simple,the transformations that the characters suffer are of a great magnitude.Also,the tension created by Chahine's character is terrific and so is the ending.

Where The Wild Things Are(2009)-8/10->The beginning might be farfetched,but this is a beautiful,heartfelt movie about growing up with great performances,an amazing soundtrack and beautiful imagery.Also,when the film takes a darker turn it feels as if it's reached its peak.

Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy(2011)-8/10->This is a meticulous and smart film,even though it never is as subtle as the miniseries with great editing and a wonderfully built atmosphere.Also,the whole cast is great,but it's Oldman and Cumberbatch who shine.

Hesher(2010)-6.5/10->The story is actually great,the dark humor is relentless and Levitt gives a good performance,but it could have been way better if Susser would have taken more interest in his characters.

The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn-Part 1(2011)-3/10->The acting is OK,but the editing is terrible,the film is unintentionally hilarious,slow and the scene in which Bella gives birth is horrible and completely out of context with the whole story of the film.

The Change-Up(2011)-6/10->The humor might be too crude for some,it's predictable,formulaic and it isn't subtle at all,but the humor,Bateman and Reynolds make this work.

The Rum Diary(2011)-4/10->The performances are good and the cinematography is surprisingly superb,but this doesn't match the zanyness in "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas",nor does it capture the essence of Thompson's material.

The Help(2011)-7/10->Davis gives a power-house performance and there are some heartfelt moments,but it's overlong and it sort of just pushes its message too hard.

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