duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Zilele Filmului German(The Days of German Film)

Stopped On Track(2011)-9/10->A highly emotional movie,which benefits from strong direction,good acting and terrific poetic moments,but it might feel a bit too slow,towards the end.

3(2011)-4/10->Even though it has good performances and good cinematography,this isn't capable of developing the characters or the interesting premise.

Dreileben:Beats Being Dead(2011)-7/10->It's a very strange love story,that doesn't really hold back,with good acting and some beautiful cinematography,but the ending is very unnecessary,confusing and unsatisfying.

Dreileben:Don't Follow Me Around(2011)-6/10->It's interesting to watch the main story and the actual crime story weave together and the acting is good,but as its predecessor it has huge problems with its ending and it sort of loses the viewer's interest in the last 20 minutes.

Dreileben:One Minute Of Darkness(2011)-5/10->Even though,this finally takes it's criminal character and develops it a lot,it switches to another one in the end for no particular reason and does almost nothing with it.Could have been a great ending to this very bizarre trilogy.

Die Fremde(2010)-6/10->Die Fremde is a very bleak drama,with a superb performance by Kekili,but it is let down by Aladag's lack of competent direction and it's overlongness.

I Only Want You To Love Me(1976)-8.5/10->It's a very complex and heartbreaking film with great performances from the leads,interesting cinematography and sharp direction from Fassbinder.

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