vineri, 11 noiembrie 2011

4-10 November

Mildred Pierce(1945)-9/10->Featuring a great performance from Crawford and tense dialogues,Curtiz makes this seemingly dramatic family film,a suspenseful film-noir.Almost perfect.

Boy(2010)-8/10->It's a charming and funny film about growing up,with genuine characters and touching moments,but Boy tries too hard to keep balance between drama and comedy. It doesn't really succeed.

Anonymous(2011)-6.5/10->Emmerich's direction is fairly impressive,the visuals are stunning,Ifans and Hogg are great,but it bombards us with the characters' emotions and the second half doesn't seem as insightful as the first one.Emmerich's best film?You bet.

Mildred Pierce(2011)-6/10->It's quite faithful to the original,Winslet gives a terrific performance and it brings some sort of soothing nostalgia,but Mildred Pierce gets really slow and boring.

The Shining(1980)-8/10->Some moments might be confusing,some might be ridiculous and it takes out a lot of parts from King's novel,but it brings out the essential in the source material,Nicholson gives an unforgettable,genuinely mad performance and Kubrick builds a fantastic atmosphere,by combining the score with effective scares and some elegance.

30 Minutes Or Less(2011)-4.5/10->The cast does a pretty good job,it's entertaining,but only a quarter of the jokes are funny,another quarter are repetitive and half feel unoriginal.Disappointing.

Beavis And Butt-Head Do America(1996)-7/10->The plot's idea is completely preposterous and this might be only for the fans of the original show,but this has no bounds,it's hilarious and it actually works as a pretty great spin-off.

11-11-11(2011)-1/10->Wooden acting,idiotic ending,no scares whatsoever,terrible direction,there are no words to describe this film.One of the year's worst,if not of all time.

Desire(1936)-8/10->Witty,romantic,suspenseful(at times) and Dietrich gives a magnificent performance.Also,Dietrich and Cooper have a lot of chemistry.

Team America(2004)-4/10->Even though the satire is great,Team America tries to squeeze too much of it in and it gets repetitive quite fast.

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