marți, 22 noiembrie 2011

18-24 November

Primos(2011)-6/10->The first 40 minutes or so are hilarious,the performances are good(especially the one given by Adrian Lastra),some of the scenery is beautiful and even though it borrows a lot from The Hangover it has enough original jokes to stand on its own.As a comedy.But in the second melodramatic,formulaic half,Primos becomes unbearable.

The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project(2010)-6.5/10->The story,the twist and the writing are great and so are the final shots of the film,but it isn't acted very well and there are some editing mishaps.

Gandu(2010)-7.5/10->Even though it starts to focus on its actual story well after the first half,Gandu is electric,well acted and artistic (particulary when it doesn't try).Also,the soundtrack is fantastic.

Big Tits Zombie(2010)-1/10->Atrocious acting,horrible effects,a crappy use of 3D and most of all,even though it's title promises mindless entertainment,it doesn't provide.

Kill Me Please(2010)-9/10->A mix between hilarious black humor,black and white cinematography and a great cast,Kill Me Please goes way over the viewer's expectations.

Homme Au Bain(2010)-5/10->Sagat gives somewhat of a good performance and the film studies his character carefully,but Honore aims more to shock than to develop his main character's story,which practically goes nowhere.

Reign Of Assassins(2010)-8/10->Yeoh gives a great performance(as always),the fight scenes are spectacular and the story might feel stale at the beginning,but it recovers itself along the way.

The Myth Of The American Sleepover(2010)-6/10->The whole cast gives some amiable performances and the film is entirely realistic,but this is unexpectedly tedious and it falls really flat for a movie about teenagers.

Cold Weather(2010)-8.5/10->With great indie-type humor,solid performances,beautiful cinematography and good suspense,Cold Weather ends up being a lighter version of Brick(2006).It's only flaw being,building up so much suspense to its meandering conclusion.

Faust(2011)-7/10->Very philosophical,yet slightly incoherent,Faust succeeds in keeping an alert tone until the last 20 minutes of the film.Also,the combination between the scenery and the bizarre,yet beautiful cinematography is a winner and so are the performances by Adasinsky and Zeiler.

Vatel(2000)-3/10->Vatel might feature some beautiful scenery and a good performance from Roth,but other than it's just another tedious costume-drama that goes nowhere its characters or story.

Daca Bobul Nu Moare(2010)-10/10->The director shows the same amount of interest to all of the film's narrative threads,a thing which is to be admired and even though the film presents a miserable world and some deeply disturbing scenes it features some wonderfully poetic images.An unique experience,very different from the usual Romanian films.

The Flowers Of St. Francis(1950)-8/10->It might too light-hearted for some,but this is not as rigid and formulaic as all the movies about faith and the acting is great.Short,but effective.

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