vineri, 4 noiembrie 2011

28 October-3 November

The Adventures Of Tintin 3D:The Secret Of The Unicorn(2011)-10/10->It's quirky,beautiful,a good use of 3D and Spielberg respects the source material.Pitch-perfect.

Sleeping Beauty(2011)-3/10->Even though,it's a great idea,Sleeping Beauty ultimately fails in giving us a conclusion,Browning is terrible and it just turns out utterly grotesque.

In A Better World(2010)-6/10->It has a good subject,a couple of good performances and beautiful cinematography,but In A Better World is too melodramatic and cliched.Not qualified for an Oscar.

Stopped On Track(2011)-9/10->A highly emotional movie,which benefits from strong direction,good acting and terrific poetic moments,but it might feel a bit too slow,towards the end.

Bridesmaids(2011)-2/10->It has 2(maybe) funny moments and Wiig is fun to watch,as always,but Bridesmaids,is clicheic,gross,overlong and utterly unfunny.

Tomboy(2011)-7/10->It's an interesting and harsh film about growing up and Sciamma knows what to do with the characters,but it's very predictable and a bit too short.

King-Kong(1933)-8/10->King-Kong today,surely won't be taken seriously. The staging is mostly ridiculous,but the quirky dialogue,the,perhaps,thorough direction and the surprising amount of impredictability make this work.It's one of the greatest monster movies(and probably the first),which is upped by a great zany performance by Armstrong.Iconic.

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