vineri, 16 decembrie 2011

11 November-15 December (Shorts)

So,this is a new thing.I guess it will be a monthly thing,seeing that I see very few short films.I will update this post when I see some more.In time,I will try to attach some three-word reviews to them(not that the reviews for the feature-films are very long).Until then,enjoy!

Deus Irae(2010)->7/10

Danny Boy(2010)->5/10

To My Mother And Father(2010)->4/10

Night Fishing(2010)->7/10

All Flowers In Time(2010)->8/10

The Death Of An Insect(2010)->6/10

Old Man And The Lady(2009)->7/10

The Illustrated City(2010)->9/10

How To Pick Berries(2010)->8/10



Save The Rhinoceros(2011)->6/10

The Scoop(2010)->5/10

Sweet Mov(i)e(2010)->5/10

The Duffers(2010)->8/10


Little Children,Big Words(2010)->8/10

Incident By A Bank(2009)->9/10



The Wolves(2010)->10/10

The Unliving(2010)->7/10

Silent River(2010)->7/10

The Wholly Family(2010)->8/10

La Gran Carrera(2010)->4/10


Paris Qui Dort(1925)->7/10

We Will Be Happy One Day(2011)->7/10

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