vineri, 23 decembrie 2011

16-22 December

This Is Not A Film(2011)-10/10->A powerful introspection into a director's interminable struggles,This Is Not A Film is a subtle rebellious message towards any oppressor.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975(2011)-7/10->What The Black Power Mixtape lacks in coherence,it makes up for it in unique archive imagery and smart commentary.

The Story Of Adele H(1975)-8/10->Robinson and Adjani both give terrific performances and Truffaut's direction is great,but the rest of the acting is really stale.

Camille Claudel(1988)-6/10->Although Adjani does an excellent job,the cinematography is beautiful and Nuytten succeeds in reacreating that specific era,Camille Claudel is an overly meandering and overly melodramatic film.

Fatal(2010)-6/10->Fatal is a bit more than an average comedy,because it is sort of compelling and hilarious.But,other than that it's really formulaic and cliched.

Nackt(2002)-6.5/10->It might fall flat in certain moments because its slightly amateur-ish writing,but the acting and the complexity of the characters make this worth a watch.

Niko And The Way To The Stars(2008)-2/10->A re-hash of other great movies and characters, the only good thing about NATWTTS being the animation.

Tyrannosaur(2011)-8/10->A gripping,dark and brutal character-study,with A-class performances from the leads,especially the one from Mullan.

The Inbetweeners Movie(2011)-6/10->Even though it's overly repetitive and not as compelling as it could be,The Inbetweeners Movie is still a lot of fun and hilarious.

Les Choristes(2004)-7/10->While not being too original or unpredictable,Les Choristes features some good performances from Jugnot and the children and it is a powerful movie.

La Dolce Vita(1960)-10/10->With a power-house performance from Mastroianni,plenty of iconic scenes and Fellini at the top of his game,La Dolce Vita is a masterpiece about the bitterness of the so-called "sweet life".

Duck Soup(1933)-8/10->Although the absurd portrayed in the film is fantastic and the humor is like nothing you've ever seen before,but the film's narrative line is completely disjointed.

Fight Club(1999)-9/10->The solid acting,the unique atmosphere,the tension which Fincher so competently builds up and the smart script make Fight Club one of the best films of the late 90's.

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