vineri, 16 decembrie 2011

9-15 December

Moon(2009)-6/10->Rockwell gives a great performance and the visuals are spectacular,but Moon gets rather dull and formulaic in the last half hour.

Martha Marcy May Marlene(2011)-7/10->While lacking originality and a bit of strength in Durkin's directing,the film still benefits from fantastic performances(especially from new-comer Elizabeth Olsen and Hawkes) and a haunting,smart,psychological story.

La Regle Du Jeu(1939)-10/10->With impecable direction and writing from Renoir,this honest and harsh social commentary wins over the audience through its original look at the French bourgeoise.Also,the satire is almost literally,delicious.

La Grande Illusion(1937)-10/10->Probably one of the first and the greatest escape movies ever made,La Grande Illusion benefits from an unforgettable performance by Stroheim and Renoir's simple directing style which "reeks" of honest and veritable cinema.

Laura(1944)-8/10->Even though it borrows heavily from Rebecca(1940),Laura still is a competent film noir,due to Preminger's subtle direction and Tierney's performance.

A Nous La Liberte(1931)-8/10->With great wit and satire,Clair reaches Chaplin-like comedic genius,but he also makes his film stand for its important political message.

Bad Teacher(2011)-5/10->Even though Diaz gives a good performance and the premise is great,it's formulaic,it lets down its premise and it isn't as funny as you might expect it to be.

Pickpocket(1959)-10/10->Pickpocket features tight and realistic imagery,a great performance from LaSalle,but the thing that shines the most here is Bresson's masterful and subtle direction,which makes this character study so much more interesting,by combining strong narrative with scenes about the poetry of stealing.Cinematographic perfection.

Vorbitor(2011)-9/10->With an inspired premise and two smart directors,Vorbitor is an original documentary and probably,one of the best Romanian films of 2011.Also,besides it being an emotional and insightful documentary,it's quite humourous from time to time.

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