vineri, 30 decembrie 2011

23-29 December

Monty Python's Life Of Brian(1979)-9/10->Like all the films made by Monty Python,it's profane,poignant,satirical and hilarious.Also,this is quite an original take on the story of the birth of Jesus.

Defendor(2009)-4/10->Although Harrelson does a good job and it is funny,but Stebbings never seems to know how to set the right tone and it is too modest for its premise.

Carnage(2011)-7/10->The performances are top-notch and Polanski's direction remains as valuable as ever,but the film can't seem to shake off the feeling that it was made for a stage,not a camera.

Contagion(2011)-5/10->Even though the performances are fantastic and so are the soundtrack and the cinematography,Contagion lacks substance and credibility.

Moneyball(2011)-7/10->Although it lacks focus and it's overlong,Moneyball still is a touching and interesting (even for people who aren't interested in the sport) film featuring Pitt's best performance since Inglorious Basterds.

Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol(2011)-5/10->It might very well done(from a technical point of view) and entertaining,but it suffers from an aberrant plot and unintentionally humourous moments.

The Trial Of Joan Of Arc(1962)-7/10->Even though the subject is overly undermined,Bresson makes an impressive effort turning this into a smart nutshell.

Dekalog(1989)-8.5/10->Even though oftenly,exceeding in melodrama and bland dialogue,Dekalog remains a very thoughtful,poetic and unfliching film about life due to Kieslowski's attention not only to the esthetics of the images,but also his characters's every single emotional peer.

A Short Film About Killing(1988)-9/10->Whilst the premise might not be too original,Kieslowski brings his own trademark to it,discussing morals under some a cover of beautiful camerawork portraying a miserable world.

Three Colors:Blue(1993)-6/10->This is overly ambitious,but not original and Kieslowski's thorough character study formula seen in his previous films,seems to disappear,the director paying attention,mostly to the imagery.But,the film is quite powerful and beautiful,due to Binoche's performance and the camerawork.

Three Colors:White(1994)-4/10->The acting might be good and the imagery is (as always in a Kieslowski film) beautiful,but the middle part of the trilogy suffers from Kieslowski's mistake of trying to combine an emotional story with unfunny humor.Also,the film suffers from a bland narrative and absence of engagement.

Three Colors:Red(1994)-6.5/10->Much more passionate and vivid than the other two films in the trilogy,this is an appropiate ending to the trilogy which represents the inferior work of an otherwise great director.

Camera Buff(1979)-8/10->Very up-close and personal,Camera Buff is a interesting commentary on the freedom of speech and also a great character study,backed up by a strong performance by Stuhr.

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