vineri, 30 decembrie 2011

Retrospective:Andrei Tarkovsky

The Steamroller And The Violin(1961)->8.5/10

Ivan's Childhood(1962)-10/10->An evocative and poetic journey,upped by ingenious editing and camerawork and of course the performance by Kolya Burlyayev.

Andrey Rublyov(1966)-10/10->Slow,poetic and complex,this story of a struggling painter which loses every drop of faith because of the political system in Russia is an astonishing epic,which stands it's ground as one of the best films ever made due to Tarkovski's imaginative and sturdy direction,the beautiful images and the fantastic subject.

Solyaris(1972)-8/10->Even though it is too contemplative,Solyaris is a smart SF which raises many questions about our existence and succeeds in answering the most.Also,the unpredictable ending is very good.

The Mirror(1975)-7/10->Although the narrative is incoherent and disjointed,The Mirror still is a beautiful film with much to offer to Tarkovsky's fans.

Stalker(1979)-9/10->Stalker,a SF with poetic connotations,stands out with its somber atmosphere,Tarkovsky's vision of the future(the impressive production design being made by him) and original story.Not his best work,but it still is terrific.

Tempo Di Viaggio(1983)-8/10->A very interesting documentary due to Tarkovsky usual style seen even in a documentary and the insightful look in his mind.

Nostalghia(1983)-4/10->There are some intelligent scenes and the film is beautiful in imagery,but Nostalghia suffers from a dull script and a boring and frankly,annoying pace.

The Sacrifice(1986)-7.5/10->While the visuals remain the same (as poetic as ever),Tarkovsky makes his story more accessible,a very unusual thing for him.Other than that,Josephson gives a terrific performance and Tarkovsky does revisit many of his themes on life and he delivers them,but with less cinematic punch.

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