vineri, 9 decembrie 2011

2-8 December

Paranoid Park(2007)-8/10->Paranoid Park's narrative might be a bit disjointed (even though it's one of the things it relies most on),but Nevins pulls off a great performance and Van Sant yet again captures the pros and cons of being a teenager in this intriguing,bold,low-key and intelligent film.Also,Doyle's cinematography shines as always.

50/50(2011)-8/10->Even though it's utterly predictable,Levine masterfully combines dark humor with touching scenes,backed up by a terrific soundtrack,great performances from Levitt and Kendrick and an usual,but still good,one from Rogen.

The Ides Of March(2011)-5/10->It's very well acted and it is unexpectedly self-confident,but this is an average political drama that doesn't bring anything new and it fails as a thriller.

Madame de...(1953)-10/10->Madame de... is a sumptuous and slow,but engaging melodrama,which benefits from a stunning performance from Danielle Darrieux,the brilliant script and Ophuls's rich direction.

Punch-Drunk Love(2002)-9/10->This is an odd and unforgettable experience,due to Sandler's opulent performance,the tasteful humor and Anderson's smart direction.

Warrior(2011)-6/10->Even though Warrior is overly-clicheic and unoriginal,the performances from Edgerton,Hardy and Nolte are notable,it is a bit emotional and the fighting scenes are spectacular.

House(1977)-9/10->Not making much sense is House's main perk,that,the visuals and the effects.Other than that,there's not much that can be said about the film.

Face/Off(1997)-7/10->An elegantly violent and overly-stylized cat-and-mouse game,with great performances from Cage and Travolta,but it does run out of steam eventually (it could have been better running under 100 minutes) and the ending feels really sloppy.

Chico & Rita(2010)-7/10->It falls into a lot of clichees and it sometimes hits the wrong note,but the visuals are fantastic and so is the soundtrack and in the end it's a sweet little film.

Colour Me Kubrick(2005)-4.5/10->The movie benefits from a hilarious performance from Malkovich,the premise is absolutely fascinating,but this offers us no insight whatsoever on Kubrick and the man who tried to be him and it becomes fairly tedious after some time.

L.A. Confidential(1997)-9/10->With perfect acting,smart twists and a distinguishable 50's cool,L.A. Confidential is a great film and it would have been terrific without his ending,which is a big letdown.

Le Quattro Volte(2010)-10/10->This is a documentary which aims to study life. It succeeds not only that,but it also tells somewhat of a compelling story through the imagery.A slow and profound observation.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane(2006)-5/10->It isn't very original and it certaintly isn't a good film,but ATBLML is an entertaining slasher-flick.And it has some good twists.

Like Crazy(2011)-6/10->Felicity Jones gives a great performance,the characters are very expressive and it feels more intimate than the usual love stories in films,but it is too scattered and story is treated a bit too shallow.

Me,Myself & Irene(2000)-5/10->The first half is funny and engaging,but the second half is tedious and the jokes become tiresome.

Love Is The Devil(1998)-8/10->Whilst not being too insightful on Bacon's life and who he was,Love Is The Devil is one of his paintings. Visceral,raw,grotesque,mad,grim,disturbing and much,much more.Also,Jacobi is spot-on as Bacon.

Man With A Movie Camera(1929)-10/10->A quaint and fascinating film,with inventive cinematography,great editing and plenty of intelligent allegories.Truly,a hidden gem.

People On Sunday(1930)-8/10->Even though the concept might seem conventional to some,People On Sunday is a film with excellent performances(even though the people are unprofessional actors),some beautiful shots and it's quite evocative for a film with such a simple premise. A reminiscent of a lost era.Too bad that almost a quarter of the movie was lost.

Take Me Home Tonight(2011)-5/10->Some parts are funny and the acting is amiable,but this is unoriginal and it fails to recreate the feelings great movies about teens gave us.

Dylan Dog:Dead Of Night(2011)-2.5/10->The effects are well made and Routh gives an OK performance,but the rest of the acting is terrible and there are no scares or laughs,so it fails at being a comedy and a horror film.

Kevin Hart:Laugh At My Pain(2011)-6/10->It isn't a real movie,it's a show,but it still is hilarious.

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