vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

14-20 October

The Coast Guard(2002)-6/10->It's an original,powerful and poetic film sustained by a great performance by Jang's great performance,but it falls flat and tiresome in some scenes and the ending is very messy.

POM Wonderful Presents:The Greatest Movie Ever Sold(2011)-7/10->This is an energetic,witty film and it benefits from Spurlock's undeniable entertaining charm,but it's not as insightful as it should be.But,hey. It's really a lot of fun.

Silent Sonata(2010)-5/10->A strange film,but not in a good way,this war drama is disjointed and surprisingly boring,even though it runs just under 80 minutes.Otherwise,the cinematography is magnetic and the acting is either too theatrical or just right.

The Green Wave(2011)-5/10->The idea of combining animation with live-action isn't too bad and the topic it debates is interesting,but The Green Wave fails in making the most of it. 

Hadewijch(2009)-8/10->Sokolowski's acting is great,the cinematography is beautiful and the turn of events is unpredictable,but the explosion scene is ridiculous and the ending is rather unsatisfying.

The Driver(1978)-9/10->It's fun to see O'Neal and Dern have at it,the car chases are spectacular,some scenes are filled with great suspense and Hill's direction is sharp.

This Must Be The Place(2011)-6.5/10->Sean Penn gives a terrific performance,the cinematography is beautiful and the quirk is good,but Sorrentino's storytelling is very light.

Bullitt(1968)-6/10->McQueen is terrific,the cinematography in some particular scenes is great and the infamous car-chase scene is worth it,but it's a bit too long and it seems very uneven and the script is just too dull in some places.

Zatoichi(2003)-8/10->Kitano gives a hell of a performance,it's overly violent,entertaining and even it's not quite original or unpredictable,this still is a competent and compelling samurai movie.

Rundskop(2011)-8/10->It might start off dull and it might give you the impression that it doesn't go anywhere,but Bullhead benefits from great acting,a great turnout and an incredibly alert tone after the first 30 minutes.Also,the script part is fantastic because the dialogues are tense and it's the little details that make this a good cinematic piece.

Cirkus Columbia(2010)-6.5/10->It has a good premise,good acting and it's quite beautifully executed,but it feels too long and this should have been done a bit more special.

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