sâmbătă, 29 octombrie 2011

21-27 October


Aliens(1986)-4/10->Well,it's far more entertaining and quotable,Cameron assembles a great cast and stages some good scares,but this is too long,overly clicheic,messy and it fails to reach the intelligence of its predecessor.

Alien 3(1992)-4/10->There are some good suspense filled scenes and Dutton out-acts everybody,but the ending is cliched to the maximum,Weaver is overly theatrical and Fincher puts a price more on explosions and yelling,than actual development of the story.

Alien:Resurrection(1997)-8/10->Even though the plot might seem preposterous to some,the quantity of the gore is a bit too high and it takes itself a bit too seriously,Jeunet's imaginative direction,the editing,the cinematography,Perlman,Ryder and Pinon make this a great movie and a perfect ending for a (classic) franchise.

Submarine(2010)-10/10->This a quirky and sweet chronicle of true romantic love,backed up by great performances,a strong narrative,mesmerizing imagery and a suitable soundtrack.

Comedian(2002)-8/10->This is an insightful documentary on creating comedy and the hard-ship of it,but it could have been a bit bigger.Plus,it's fun to see Seinfeld act a whole lot differently than on his show.

The Woman(2011)-5/10->The choice of music is completely parallel with the film and the script is weak in the beginning,but McKee makes this work through the use of relentless gore(not so many scares,but hey it's a slasher film) and the acting is surprising only in the second part of the film.Also,the editing might feel very confusing in the last 20 minutes.For horror-slasher fans only.

Atrocious(2010)-5/10->It has an interesting premise, with good acting and a great twist attached to it,but nearly nothing happens in Atrocious and the camera is way too shaky even for a film of this kind.

Chopper(2000)-7/10->Bana shines as Chopper,but this also benefits from good cinematography and Dominik's direction,but his script has a lot of flaws.

The Good,The Bad And The Weird(2008)-9/10->http://moviereviewsbymarcsolomon.blogspot.com/2011/10/movie-reviewthe-goodthe-badthe.html

I Saw The Devil(2010)-10/10->Bleak,relentlessly violent,well acted,smart,tensionate,this succeeds in making a point about the sick and sad world we live in.Also,for such a dark film,it's quite beautifully shot.

Margin Call(2011)-9/10->Chandor not only assembled one of the greatest casts we have yet to come across this year,but he has written tense dialogues and a script that rather focuses on the people involved in this situation rather than the actual situation.Probably the best film about the financial crisis up to date.

Galaxy Quest(1999)-7/10->The plot is a bit farfetched,but the cast is perfect and smart satire make this a great parody.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High(1982)-5/10->It's well acted,funny and these are some good stories,but their weaving together is unsuccessful and Crowe's script seems highly amateur-ish.

Dazed And Confused(1993)-9/10->Linklater has incredible interest for his movie's characters and he tries to make each and every one of them special.He succeeds,being sustained by a great ensemble cast,a good script and a far more than satisfying ending.

Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance(2002)-7/10->This is a very slow film and Park seems to have an eye more for gore than character development,but this is nonetheless,a rewarding film with bizarre, yet great performances.

Oldboy(2003)-10/10->Oldboy is a powerful film with a visceral performance from Min-sik Choi,Park's capability to turn even the most violent scenes into strange poetry.Full of gripping moments,unexpectedly great dark humor and great cinematography.Easily one of the best films made between 2000-2005.

Lady Vengeance(2005)-5/10->It is a compelling film with some sort of elegant violence attached to it and beautiful cinematography,but Lady Vengeance feels incoherent in the start and the main character doesn't seem as good(in terms of construction and development) as the previous two.

Infernal Affairs(2002)-9/10->A fierce and taut cat-and-mouse type of film,which benefits from short and tense dialogues,good acting and great twists.

Infernal Affairs II(2003)-7/10->This is not as well-written or unpredictable as the first one,but it still works as an average thriller.

Infernal Affairs III(2003)-3/10->Even though Leung gives a great performance,but this is surprisingly incoherent and it isn't a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

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