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Les Films De Cannes A Bucarest-2th Edition

Le Havre(2011)-9/10->http://moviestoonsandgames.blogspot.com/2011/09/movie-reviewle-havre2011.html

Habemus Papam(2011)-8/10->Even though it is quite predictable and it is a bit tedious,Habemus Papam is worth seeing just for Piccoli's fantastic performance and the grand finale.

Drive(2011)-10/10->A tense and overly violent thriller,that strikes us because of its very special cinematography,Refn's unique directing style and Gosling's powerful performance.This is the sort of films that should be made these days.Perfect.

Melancholia(2011)-10/10->Though the concept might seem ridiculous to some,Melancholia's visuals are extremely unique and the acting is fantastic.   

La Vie De Jesus(1997)-9/10->While the explicit sex scenes might not be stomached by some,this is a brutal,slow-paced film,with great direction,an interesting main character and great cinematography.A day by day drama that will surprise you.Also,it's a promising debut by Dumont.

L'Humanite(1999)-10/10->One of the most slow paced films i've ever seen.But that is minor compared to the acting,extremely harsh realism,satisfying conclusion,terrific character study and beautiful(though there is nothing beautiful in this film other than this particular element) cinematography.This will truly haunt you and it will change certain views you have.

Flandres(2006)-6/10->It doesn't have the emotional impact his(Bruno Dumont) previous films had,but it still is a nice try and the cinematography succeeds in bringing out the beautiful in Flandres.An OK film.

Play(2011)-5/10->It starts off pretty well and the acting is good,but towards the second half it feels tedious.Shame,because the subject was great. 

Elena(2011)-6/10->It has some powerful moments and Nadezdha is great as Elena,but it's a bit too simplistic,too slow-paced and the ending is unsatisfying.

Route Irish(2010)-4/10->Womack is OK in the main role and it is gripping most of the times,but it turns out to be extremely melodramatic and the writing is amateurish.

Dogville(2003)-9/10->Trier not only assembled one of the greatest casts in cinema in the 21st century,but he has written a three-hour piece that never runs low on steam,benefits from a strong narrative and the idea of this experiment is genius and very well played through,but the ending seems rushed.

Hors Satan(2011)-6.5/10->This is very bizarre and slow-paced,but it's unpredictable,the main actors seem to have some sort of weird chemistry and the cinematography is great.

The Tree Of Life(2011)-9/10-> http://moviereviewsbymarcsolomon.blogspot.com/2011/10/movie-reviewthe-tree-of-life.html

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