duminică, 16 octombrie 2011

Anim'Est International Animation Film Festival-6TH Edition

Crulic:The Way To Beyond(2011)-4/10->Ivanov is spot-on as Crulic and the animation is fairly impressive,but it starts off messy,it ends up utterly incoherent and it tries too hard to be a poetic melodrama,even though there are some hilarious moments.

George The Hedgehog(2011)-8/10->It has a good premise,its funny as hell and all in all even though it's a bit short,this is a great animation.

Tokyo Godfathers(2003)-9/10->Funny,emotional and even suspenseful,Tokyo Godfathers succeeds in telling a compelling story which is upped by the dialogue,music and capability to thread three stories that have the same amount of impact on the viewer.

Paprika(2006)-10/10->With a mind-blowing premise,story and eye-popping animation scenes,Paprika is a fantastic film.Also,it will demand your full attention. It will get it.

Midori-Ko(2010)-3/10->Midori-Ko has an original premise and it uses an original animation technique,but it's incoherent and at a point it just gets insane.Still,it could have been a short film.

Perfect Blue(1997)-9/10->A troubling story that will have you on the edge of your seat,this uses Lynchian logic and Hitchcockian suspense.The ending is sort of disappointing.

Le Roman De Renard(1930)-10/10->Incredibly well-made for it's time,this is an entertaining,yet intelligent animation film for everyone to watch.

Une Vie De Chat(2010)-9/10->Darker(even though there are a few humourous moments) and more exciting than most animations made these days,Une Vie De Chat's only flaw is its length(just 64 minutes for such an intriguing subject?).

Oblivion Island:Haruka And The Magic Mirror(2009)-8/10->The animation is top-notch and this is a very colorful,sad and joyful film,even though the outcome is not very original.

Piercing I(2010)-4/10->Good premise and good start?Yes,but this is poorly animated and it is completely dull.

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