vineri, 7 octombrie 2011

30 September-6 October

Les Petits Mouchoirs(2010)-5/10->The cast is great,the humour is priceless and the characters are developed,but it's too long and somewhere  near the second-half,it loses its "equal parts funny,equal parts dramatic" and it fails to accomplish setting the right tone.

America(2010)-2/10->Good acting.But that where the good in America stops.It's dull incoherent in terms of storytelling techniques.The premise was OK,but it's completely underdeveloped.

Ave(2010)-7/10->Ave is well-acted and unpredictable,but the main character feels a bit too underdeveloped and it should have been longer.

The Unintentional Kidnapping Of Elfriede Ott(2010)-9/10->Original humor,interesting premise,good music,this has almost everything a perfect comedy needs.The outcome might be predictable,but the ending is priceless.

The Furious Force Of Rhymes(2010)-8/10->As insightful as it can get,The Furious Force Of Rhymes is fast,loud and short.

The Artist(2011)-10/10->Dujardin gives an award worthy performance,in this partly sweet and funny  and partly dramatic film.Great use of music and cinematography.One of this year's musts.

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