sâmbătă, 15 octombrie 2011

7-13 October

NEDS(2010)-9/10->This is overly violent,raw,unpredictable and the performances are unbelievably great.This marks Mullan as a director to watch.

Millennium Actress(2001)-9/10->It has an original premise,plenty of impressive visuals and a big heart,but it might feel a bit too short.

Three Extremes(2005)-7/10->Fruit Chan's segment is interesting and Doyle offers us quality filled cinematography,but the ending is disappointing.Park Chan-Wook's segment is a psychological thriller that never disappoints in giving us suspenseful dialogue and a killer ending twist.Not as frightening as it should be,though.Takashi Miike's segment is very puzzling,scary and the ending is very good,but it might feel a bit too overtheatrical.All in all,it's a good enough omnibus.Edgy enough,but not scary enough.

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