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Movie Review:The Good,The Bad,The Weird(2008)

Director:Jee-woon Kim

Jee-woon Kim
Min-suk Kim

Kang-ho Song->The Weird
Byung-hun Lee->The Bad
Woo-sung Jung->The Good

It's amazing what Kim accomplished to do in this film.First of all,he made this a ton more entertaining than the original.This film runs just under 135 minutes.There was not a minute when I got bored.All the stunts are mind-blowing.Even the ones in small scenes.Plus,it started off with a punch.In the first 15 minutes,a classic train chase scene is portrayed.

But,this is not only a commercial film.Kim develops his characters slowly and we figure out something about them and only in the end we can take the pieces and make the puzzle.But here is his problem.It's normal for The Weird to get most of the screen-time seeing that he is a new character and all,but The Good remains the same the whole movie.I mean maybe Kim tried to tell us that we have seen enough of him in Leone's film.Eastwood was the main character(Blondie/The Good) there and his character became so iconic,he had such great quotable lines.But here,he(Woo-sung Jung) does not only not get enough screen-time,but the film's main showdown is between The Weird and The Bad,rather than the whole three of them.

What I really liked about the film was its low quantity of blood.Most of the action films these days,feature tons of blood and gruesome moments.The Good,The Bad And The Weird features violence.Very little blood.It's somewhat of a grade of faithfullness towards the original.

Another impressive thing about the film is its unusual embracive nature about itself in the ridiculous or funny moments.It never takes itself seriously,but it does embrace its foolish nature when it has to.And there are not many films that do that.Kudos for that,Mr Kim.

What is The Good,The Bad And The Weird? Explosion-filled fun,backed-up by great humor,great acting and fantastic character development.This is what all action movies should look like nowadays.But then again...Which would we call special?

-1:For Kim's incredibly low interest for Jung's character.


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